ShareTheWarmth committee (4)croppedShare The Warmth is a community committee based in Ashfield, Massachusetts.
We are: Carol Lebold, Jamie Young, Arianna Collins, Heather Gray, Jim Wagener, Sue Craft, Holly Wescott, and Caroline Murray.


Current and ongoing projects:

  • assist with simple weatherization measures
  • collection & distribution of gently worn, warm clothing & blankets (October – February)
  • group seed ordering (February)
  • identification of local, low cost, energy saving resources
  • local resiliency & re-skilling workshops
  • recycling at our annual Ashfield Fall Festival (October)
  • resource notebooks at Town Hall, Post Office, Library

Projects we have facilitated for our town include:

  • articles in Ashfield News
  • community garden
  • energy efficiency workshops
  • firewood cutting and stacking
  • food preservation workshops
  • gardening workshops